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British Native Breeds

Britain has fourteen officially recognised native breeds of pony including the four types of Welsh pony and the less well known Eriskay and Native British Spotted pony.

Native ponies are hardy and intelligent animals, products of their harsh origins from the mountainous regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Generations of selective breeding have further enhanced their specific characteristics and each breed is now governed by a respective breed society set up to safe guard the continued quality of our native ponies. Both purebred and part bred ponies can and should be registered and because of this it is often possible to trace their bloodlines back many generations. If you wish to breed or show a native pony you would be well advised to buy a registered pony to ensure both quality and saleability of your ponies.

These animals combine the substance, stamina and intelligence of the pony character with the scope and speed of thoroughbred or Arab blood for competition.

For Loan (With Written Agreement) or Possible Sale

13.2hh black Fell pony with small white star, rising seven, by Rackwood Prince out of Carrock Annabelle. This stunning county standard pony is available ideally for two to three years until my daughter out grows her current pony.

Melody has been lightly shown in hand last year and was third in a big class at the Yorkshire Show. She is still very green under saddle due to my family commitments and is out of work at present through no fault of her own. Alternatively, I believe she would make a valuable addition to anyones breeding plans.

She is good to shoe and trailer and is a larger than life character who needs an experienced and firm handler. She is available currently in at night and rugged up, but would happily live out given the option! She is available to view at livery near Harrogate.

Lownthwaite Ripple Fell Pony Mare

Regretfully for sale due to lack of time to do her justice. (I can't get reliable riders and I've not got time to ride two!

Superb typey mare with lovely movement. Shown successfully in hand and ridden inc. Overall Best Fell at Notts County, beating the lovely stallion Rackwood Robin! Champion many times out. Qualified NPS Rivenhall Northern Breeders Challenge, P(UK) Glyn Greenwood, NCPA and Royal London 2005. Qualified all in hand and flat ridden for Ponies UK Winter Champs 2006 and sold with entries if required

Passported, Microchipped and fully Vaccinated, Ripple comes with a full set of show tack and a large number of assorted rugs/sheets hence price. If tack/rugs not required price will be adjusted accordingly.

Black Fell Gelding

Gorgeous black Fell gelding, full mane, tail and feather lightly shown locally and placed, loves to jump never refused. Well schooled confidence giver but not for a complete novice.

Hollyhouse Diamond

Diamond is a 9 year old Fell mare 13.2hh and quite broad. She is a top class registered Fell pony. Diamond has excellent conformation and a full mane tail and feather. She has been shown but only lightly and always does very well. Diamond is ridden in 'A' road traffic and doesn't mind farm traffic including tractors and milk tankers etc. Diamond gets on well with other ponies and likes to hack out. She usually goes out alone but likes company and will go first or last.She is sensible and easy to handle and is good to box shoe and load.

Black Fell Pony Stallion, 5 years

Dylan is one of the nicest ponies you will ever meet, gentle with people and his mares. Siring excellent quality stock and has had a very successful year in the show ring, being 2nd and Reserve Champion at the Royal Cornwall Show (in a large class of 11), and Supreme Champion at Dunster Fair Fell Pony Show. He has excellent conformation, good bone and a lovely pony head. He is riding on quietly and enjoys ridden work.

We are keen for him to go to a showing home where his full potential as a ridden pony can be realised.

Interesting facts about ponies

Many people think that ponies are young horses, but they are not, they are a group of specific horse breeds. Although they are much smaller, they have thicker manes and longer and thicker tails than horses, their necks are also thicker, but everything else is proportionally smaller. It is interesting how kids love them and how they find them interesting. Ponies are often used for riding, not only for kids as you may think, they are also used in driving and working, just like their bigger cousins.

If your child finds ponies cute, than a foal will melt its heart, and yours too, in case you don't know - those are young ponies. Even between ponies, there are smaller and bigger breeds, one of the smaller breeds is the Shetland pony, although being very small they are very strong. It is the furry one with the thick and beautiful tail, you must have seen them before. When you compare the size of a big horse and its power and compare it with the size and power of a pony, you will see that ponies are actually stronger for their size than horses. They actually can pull much more than they can carry, but they can still carry more than 20% of their own weight.

My little pony

As we said, ponies are not young horses, young horses are smaller than ponies, but much less cute than young ponies. One would believe that ponies are bred for riding and entertaining purposes, but Hackney ponies were actually one of the first ones that were bred, and their purpose was to pull carriages. If you want to see one of these, than you will find quite a few places in Great Britain, even near London, to do that, so you can take an escort Paris from https://www.sexemodel.com/ and enjoy the sight of these beautiful little horses. Ponies are quite interesting in many ways, they are smaller but stronger for their size, they are generally not proportional to big horses and they are easier to look after, they require half the food that a big horse requires if it was the same weight as the big horse.

An average sized and old pony can drink up to thirty gallons of water per day, which is quite a lot considering their size. If you ever heard the phrase that you can take a horse to water or a river but you cannot make it drink the water, than you have heard the truth, because horses and especially ponies won't drink water until they are really thirsty. Be very careful when you approach a pony, because one of their two blind spots is behind them, so that if they feel that someone or something is behind them, they will give a strong kick. Pregnant ponies are often also used for riding, they actually can participate in sporting events up to their seventh month of pregnancy. It is good to always keep them moving, just like people.

Ponies are very kind, they often easily get attached to their owner and they are actually very shy, that is why many people, who were never in touch with ponies, think they are rude and mean when they first see them.

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